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Join Real Estate Marketing This Week as we discuss the world of Real Estate and Mortgage Marketing. We shot this video of our Radio Show as an example of how you can use one piece of content in many different ways.

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Brett, wow what an exciting four days Yes the last four days in the stock market have been a really wild you know the doom and gloom.

I will give you an example the year to date closing of the S&P 500 at 752 was the value for that index.

And that occurred last Thursday, November 20 the last four days in the stock market has virtually gone straight up a as a matter-of-fact reporting, a yearly 15% gain in those four trading sessions.

What people fail to realize is that level of gain, coming off a loss in your portfolio is really important to get you back on the right track.

So those are wondering if the time to buy or should I have sold.

I say November 20 you can’t afford to miss a 15% rally.

I can’t tell you what the market come Friday, which is a half day or next week, but I can tell you.

There is a growing consensus among multiple economists, and experts say we are in for the mother of all rallies in an otherwise bear market economy.

Well that makes me very happy And one other things that I want to point out really quickly, that is so important to the listeners out there in regard to this show specifically.

We spent a lot of time talking about strategic partnerships, and today is a perfect example of what velocity financial and the velocity of money radio show are all about.

We have strategic partnerships to work towards the best possible outcome for the listeners that are tuned into the broadcast.

They are looking for a ray of hope, you are looking for education, they are looking for information.

And when you put those factors together and introduce tax experts like Mike Patenella, the certified professional mortgage strategies such as you, registered financial consultants like I.

That is how people when we have these experts and strategic partners working towards the best possible outcome.

That is a really good point.

And I like the way you illustrated that one of the things that so many people like to do today, if I could do so much on their own and that’s okay.

When you do things on their own and typically people learn more about it.

The problem is now is not the time to try to figure out what to do with your money in the stock market.

Now is certainly not the time.

If you are facing foreclosure, or you are considering a short sale you are possibly losing your house, you can’t make your mortgage payments or you need a loan modification.

Not something you should try on your own is one of those things where you just don’t know the ins and the outs.

More importantly talking about doing these types of things on your own.

Do you really have the right amount of time to dedicate to what it is you are trying to do.

For instance there is a silly commercial on the tv, Mike where the guy that we are getting audited and the lady says oh, let’s talk to the box.

That is a classic example of somebody who wants to go buy a box of software at a warehouse store to do their own taxes and Mike I know for example that you have still been people who have tried to do it on their own.

And in most cases you find many things that are missed.

Yes that is why we are in business.

It’s worth it to have us help you out, you’ll save money and you will pay us less than you will the government.

Our goal is to work for you work with the mortgage guys and financial planners and coordinate an effort to help you out.

Brett Fallon and I have been working together for years, we share.

Most all of our financial sense or ideals are parallel.

I have learned a lot about finances from Brett that I never knew.

And Brett and Mike have been working together also for many years it has only been a year or so since you and I have met .

But having said that you could do your own taxes, you could do your own investing.

You can get one of those online accounts.

Well, you could do your own loan modification, but in any case, that I have ever been involved in, in regard to look modification, doing your own taxes, or doing your own finances, you will inevitably miss something.

It’s just not worth paying a little bit more to hire a professional, versus trying to do something like that on your own.

Especially the impact the situation where there is substantial, job loss, loan modification or any of these potential types of situations.

What I think you’re describing is objectivity, objectivity is key is very difficult for somebody who is up close and personal with their own financial situation to take an objective and make choices on what may be in their best interest, because there are too emotionally attached or too close to it.

I see it all the time especially with the people during a bull market rally or when we have an extended bull market run.

People feel that the investing part of their portfolio is easy.

You know blindfolded throw a dart at the Wall Street Journal and whatever you hit is what you could buy stock in, well that worked maybe for a year or two by taking this team oriented approach, discipline and objective advice becomes paramount to your success.

And that’s the majority of what we are going to talk about today.

Our team of Mike Patenella, Brett Fallon, and myself and velocity financial, Velocity financial the full service mortgage firm, loan modifications are something that we are doing to help people out right now, but we also still have plenty of money to lend.

When we come back from the break we are to talk about the 20 million American homeowners that are upside down in their homes.

And what it is that they can do about it.

For more information call 480 velocity and we will be back with you in just a few moments.
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