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Join Real Estate Marketing This Week as we discuss the world of Real Estate and Mortgage Marketing. We shot this video of our Radio Show as an example of how you can use one piece of content in many different ways.

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Michael: Ok so that is good to know I know there are people who want to try and do that and I really do not know. I am really a full time mortgage professional I did not get into the loan modification business on purpose we write mortgage loans, real estate loans for residential and commercial so therefore I do not know your laws on the same token you do not do loan modifications and you do not write loans you are professional realtor.

Jeri: Exactly, and one more thing bottom line is you can not be defrauding the bank. Because then you are stepping into mortgage fraud as you know. You do have to have a hardship, you honestly do have to show, if you are going to be benefiting from staying in the home you have to show a hardship that you can not afford the current payment.

Michael: Yes, if you are making a couple hundred thousand a year and have a ½ million in the bank and owe $200,000 the bank isn’t on your side in that case.

Jeri: No

Kalyn: There are a lot of situations though when a homeowner wants to stay in their home if that is the case then we market it to investors because that is a lot of the people who are buying these homes so we work with the investor and we work out the lease amount and the homeowners can stay in their homes in those situations.

Michael: Whatever it looks like at the end of the day the homeowner needs to picture where they are going to be in the short term midterm and long term and where this house fits into those plans if a loan mod isn’t right a short sale is a significantly better option than a foreclosure.

Jeri: Absolutely

Kalyn: They need to call now they need to take action because you do need to find a place to live and we are here to help you with you don’t want to gets two weeks to the point of foreclosure and have no where to move your family.

Michael; And the Dreamvestors Team that is your main focus right now but people still call you for first time home buyers

Kalyn: Absolutely yes we work with buyers as well as people who are short selling.

Jeri: yes, we have been in real estate several years and we did not want just short sales we are fortunate to have a very strong clientele base and we are always taking new clients. We have just adjusted our focus as the market called for it and as our clients called for it.

Michael: One more time with your phone number and then we will give out Velocity Financials phone number, what is it again?

Jeri: You can reach us at 480-363-6752

Michael: and that is Jeri League and Kayln Roberts with the Dreamvestors Team, Keller Williams and if you didn’t write down that phone number like I didn’t, that is why I kept having to ask then you can call the office of Velocity Financial at 480-Velocity again if you were not able to write that information down we are happy to help put you through to them to help you through this situation don’t wait until it is too late, don’t wait until you get the sale notice if you know you are going to be facing foreclosure make the call. Call now you are welcome to call the office and we will put you right through and that is 480-Velocity and one more time Jeri

Jeri: 480-363-6752

Michael: and then the other thing too when we talk about these short sales getting out of that home before it goes to foreclosure is always the best case scenario the bank is happier with it, the house is more sellable in most cases, people are still living there it is still there home, they still feel like the pride of ownership.

Jeri: Yes, and in addition pride of neighborhood is another point. Your neighbors are going to like you better because there is not a foreclosure in their neighborhood, it helps keep the prices up when the bank takes them back the banks price them even lower typically

Michael: well sure and then it is vacant and we have the potential problem of neighborhood kids turning the house into a paintball arena. I saw that in an fantastic two story home with an amazing backyard this house was to die for a million dollar home and the neighborhood kids turned this house into a paintball arena. Now I am not going to lie that might have been fun when I was a kid but this house was trashed, wires hanging out I mean it was just an absolute mess. The lenders do not want that, you do not want that. They need to take action they need to call you or call us at Velocity Financial and we will make sure they get in touch with you so we can help figure out what is best for you.

Kalyn: Yes educate yourself and call someone today.

Michael: Folks it is important to point out today that I would like to see you call Kalyn and Jeri for this because I know, I have seen their track record. I know their close ratio and I know that they generally care about you and your needs first but if you have someone who does this and you are contemplating it, if you have a sale date coming up you need to take action. Move on with your life put this part of your life behind you. One of the things to and we do not want to get to deep into this, Jeri or Kalyn but after the short sale is done it is all said and done you have an affiliation with people who can help them out in getting their credit repaired and ready to go.

Jeri: We do we really pride ourselves on being a one stop shop so we help educate them if it is going to be a loan modification or a short sale once they get through the process then we begin working with them on credit repair. We have a program that we work ourselves and if it is a really sticky issue with your credit we have people that we work very closely with that we will refer you to we also have a team that includes a bankruptcy attorney a real estate attorney and a real estate CPA

Michael: good so it is one stop shop and then Jeri, real quick with the phone number.

Jeri: 480-363- 6752

Michael: and for more information on loan modifications you can call 1-888-MOD-INFO or you can reach all of us at Velocity Financial at 480- Velocity. We are sure happy thank you so much Jeri for coming on.

Jeri: thank you Michael

Michael: and Kalyn thank you so much.

Kalyn: Thank you Michael

Michael:; Folks stay tuned Bill O’Riley is next.
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