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In my Series of Articles on Why Isn’t Google Showing My Real Estate Marketing Blog, I went into detail on how Google’s Panda and Penguin updates have killed the practice of ‘black hat’ link building.

Google is looking for unique, good quality, original content to show in their search results, and the splog networks and link wheels were giving anything but good content.

So what is Google looking for?  Well, they are still looking for links!  Links from reputable, high quality sites, with high Author Rank.

So how do you get to be one of those high quality sites?  Its kind of a Catch-22, but you have to start by producing good quality, original content.

Content on your Real Estate Marketing Blog

I think that most loan officers and real estate agents forget who they are trying to attract to their real estate business!  They either put up content that is boring, like the latest Federal Reserve data, or content that is only interesting to other sales people in their industry.

Your average home buyer doesn’t care about that!  They care about you and whether you are capable and competent to assist them in the purchase or refinance of a home.

How do you do this?  You appeal to your customer’s passions, motivations and interests.  When you do, they will know, like and trust you – AND they will work with you.

Ideal Customer Questionnaire:  That’s why several years ago I wrote a multi-page questionnaire which helps members of the Real Estate Industry to quickly create a profile of exactly who is their Ideal Customer.

When you have narrowed down exactly the type of customer you want to attract to your Real Estate Business, it makes communicating with them thru your blog, newsletter, facebook, twitter, whatever media you choose to use, so much easier.

Imagine knowing exactly what a client’s motivation is long before ever showing them a home or filling out a single piece of paper.  You know who they are, because you attracted them with Real Estate Marketing that was focused and targeted directly at that prospect.

Personalize your communication to your Ideal Customer, and they will be attracted to you;  they will know, like and trust you and they will work with you.

Topic Selection:  So what should you talk about on your Real Estate Marketing Blog and the other media which you choose to implement your marketing campaign?

Here’s, the second Catch-22 – it depends on what is of interest to You and what is of interest to your Ideal Customer.  Yes, I said what is of interest to YOU!

The biggest problem with consistently putting up content on the web, is boredom.  Their are very few people who want to talk about Fed policy all day.  ‘What was the Discount Rate a year ago compared to today?’  Don’t know – Don’t care!

But you might care about your Family, or your Community, or maybe Past Customers, or how you helped out a family at your Church, getting them a Short Sale.  You might Volunteer down at the Humane Society or coach the Little League team, when you’re not competing in Triathlons.

Guess what?  Other people in your Community care about those things too.  Do you love History?  Create content about the History of your  Community.  Is there a Major League Team in town?  Then post about how they’ve improved the Community thru their outreach and economic impact.

Don’t get me wrong, you want to throw in real estate, mortgage and economic statistics every once in a while, but when you do, include some sort of a human element to the story.  Its not just that interest rates have dropped .5% in the last month, its that you were finally able to help that family get into their new home.

Keyword Research:  First thing I would say is that keyword research is not as important as you might think.  But their are several things you can do to see what people are actually looking for on the web.

Remember, when people are searching for something on the web its because they have a problem and they are looking for a solution.  The nice thing is that Google saves all of these searches, so you can see what people are typing in.

I don’t have time to go thru all of these sources today, but its a good place for you to start.

  • Google Keyword Tool
  • Google Suggestions
  • Google’s Semantically Related Keywords
  • Yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
  • Bing’s Similarly Named Tools As Well

Just talking about these tools is a video lesson itself in my Real Estate Marketing Masters program.  Don’t get crazy with these tools, just use them to see what your Ideal Customer is searching for on the web.

So get out there, determine who your Ideal Customer is and create some content to attract them to your Real Estate Marketing Blog.

In my next post I will be discussing Resource Pages on your Real Estate Marketing Blog as well as other types of Content Creation techniques.

Riley\’s Tip Of The Day

When creating content for your Real Estate Marketing Blog, think first of who is your Ideal Customer, then create content that will attract that person to your Real Estate Business.

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