Building A Better Real Estate Marketing Blog

I’m often asked what items are musts in a Real Estate Marketing Blog.  So I’ve taken a bit of time and compiled a list I believe are necessary for your Real Estate blog.

These items are not in any particular order because I believe they are all equally important.  I’ll just give a brief intro today, with more in-depth analysis coming over the next few posting.

Content on your Real Estate Marketing Blog

Content in your Real Estate Marketing blog is not only King, its also Queen, Jack and Ace.  Search engines like Google love good quality, original content, so we want to make sure your blog is jam-packed full of content.

Resource Pages – This may be one of the most important features of any blog.  Resource pages is where you get to relay any and all community information that you can provide.  Again, Google loves it and it will show your Ideal Customer that you are an expert in your community.

About Page – One of the most often searched pages on a blog is the About Page.  Make it long and tell your story.  If your Ideal Customer gets to Know, Like and Trust you, they will work with you.

Author Box – Somewhere on each page you better have your Contact Information and a Call To Action.  It can be in an Author Box, in the Sidebar or even in a Feature box.  Just make sure you have it somewhere.

Join me in my next post where we will explore your Real Estate Marketing Blog’s Content much further.

Riley\’s Tip Of The Day

In your Real Estate Marketing Blog, good quality original Content is the #1 factor for getting both Readers and Search Engines to Love your Site.

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