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Your Real Estate Marketing Blog is a great way for your Ideal Customer to get to Know, Like and Trust you, both thru the content you post to your Blog, and thru your Resource Pages.  And the very best way for the consumer to get to know you is by YOU telling them who you are.  Who knows you better than yourself.

About Pages and Author Boxes

There are a number of ways to deliver your personal and business information to the general public, but the top 2 best are the About Pages and Author Boxes.  We will also look at several ways to not only convey your information, but to also bring in other ‘Guest Bloggers’ to help you by creating additional unique, original content.

About Page – An About Page, also known as an Author Page is one of the most highly trafficked pages on any Real Estate Marketing Blog.  The answer to ‘Why?’ is simple.  Your Ideal Customer is about to entrust you with one of the largest financial transactions in their life, and they have to feel comfortable with you, your knowledge and your expertise.

What should you put on your About Page?  Whatever you want.  I always say that it is 100% up to you what you want the public to know about you, but here are a few guidelines.

  • Length:  Make your Bio as long as it takes to tell the story you want to tell.  If your personal story is compelling, your Ideal Customer will read the whole 1,000 words (if it takes that long to tell your story).
  • Genesis:  Your ‘Genesis Story’ is the story of why and how you got into the Real Estate or Mortgage business in the first place.  We all had a beginning at whatever we are currently doing, and people love to know where others came from and how they got to where they are today.
  • Accolades:  Here is where you show off.  Any advanced degrees, certifications or trainings go into this category.  The most important point to remember here is to tie that certificate to how it will help your Customer.  Having GRE after your name is nice, but explain to your reader how being a Graduate Real Estate Institute professional will be helpful when negotiating the best price on their new home.
  • Personal Story:  People love to connect with people who are like them.  Some of my closest friends have been people I went to high school with, or worked with or shared a common interest or experience.  We all have family, children, grandparents and neighbors.  Include them in your story (if that is within your comfort zone).  Pets, hobbies, activities and interests are all fair game, not only for your bio, but also for your Blog Posts.

Whoever you are, express that on your blog wherever possible.   Remember, ‘Blog’ is short for ‘Web Log’ which is supposed to be a place to tell the story of your life.  We all know that it has expanded well beyond that purpose, but that was its humble beginnings.

Author Box – An Author Box is quite different than an About Page as it will appear at the bottom of every Post and Page (if you choose).  It should contain:

  • Photo of the Author
  • Short Bio
  • Contact Information
  • Call to Action
  • Link to your About Page

This should be short and sweet.  Not more than a total of about 5-10 total lines including your Contact Information.

Guest Bloggers – If you choose to have Guest Bloggers, and I suggest you do in order to help create even more content quickly, make sure that you also create About/Author Pages and Author Boxes for them as well.  We’ll talk more about Guest Bloggers in future posts.

Contact Box – One last bit of advice.  You can never have your contact information on your Real Estate Marketing Blog too many times.  Make sure you place it either in the Header area of your blog or at the top of the Sidebar, above the fold.  But, NEVER put your email address on your blog, unless you love getting your email spammed!

Riley\’s Tip Of The Day

About Pages and Author Boxes are the best way for your Ideal Customer to get to know a little bit about you. Make sure you include both of these in your Real Estate Marketing Blog.

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