Dispute Resolution & Reporting

We strongly believe in freedom of speech. Realestatemarketingthisweek.com enables anyone to freely express their ideas and opinions, without censoring or endorsing them.

We take our terms of service very seriously and will suspend any sites that are found to be in violation.   By the same token, we will not suspend blogs if they are not in violation of our terms or policies.

Reporting Content

We encourage you to report any content that violates our terms.  Before reporting a site please verify that the blog in question is hosted by realestatemarketingthisweek.com. We only host blogs that have “realestatemarketingthisweek.com” in the URL.

Our Response to Complaints

We review and investigate all complaints that we receive. If we determine that reported content violates our terms of service, our general practice is to suspend the site. We also may contact the site owner to inform them of the complaint.

To file a complaint, got to our DMCA Notice page.

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