Foreclosure Rescue Scams and How to Protect Yourself

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welcome back to the velocity of money, this is Michael J. Barnes and you are listening to KFNX 1100AM Arizona’s news talk leader, it’s Christmas Eve we’re so happy to be here. Dan Havey thank you so much for taking the time to be here with tonight. We also want to thank Robert for sticking around and helping us put the show together, Robert and we wish you the very best and a merry Christmas. And happy new year of course we’re going to see you next week. Real quick if you want more information.

You can call 480 velocity or you can go to Dan Havey’s website which is there is also a link to on’s website. And for more information specifically on a loan modifications, where lots of phone numbers here, I apologize just call the office look at you taking care of the 800 number is 1-888-Mod-Info. So, Mr. Havey once again. Thank you very much for taking the time to be with us tonight. I know that genie is home waiting for you. So we’re going to get through this pretty quick. The foreclosure sharks, you have written this book or I think it’s called a white paper.

Free report whatever you want to call it

its packed full of really good and interesting information, it’s called the foreclosure sharks and its a look at the rampant theft of America’s homes through foreclosure rescue scams. And folks I have to tell you I think we’re going to spend the next week. The majority of the show talking about what the hack is going on out there. And what you need to do to protect yourself in case you should happen to be against this problem. You really need to know what your options are this free report is available online at You have got to get this. The information is really good , and one of the taglines that you have here is, Dan. There is blood in the water and the sharks can smell it

right, what made me actually write this. A number of years ago is again I had been working with people in foreclosure. For years and it was just a way to let them know what was going to be going once the foreclosure was filled against them. Now in many cases, these people were already experiencing what was going on. And again I’ve recently had a friend or to go through foreclosure and I had them collect all of the paperwork that they got from all of the foreclosure guys out there trying to help them sell their house do whatever it was, I was surprised at how thin the stack was.

This one gal in particular, lives in Scottsdale in a very nice house and she didn’t have more than maybe 6 letters in the past couple of years ago, especially at the peak of the market. When somebody was being in a foreclosure situation they would have seriously a stack 6 inches deck. People would be knocking on their door 24 hours a day, calling them, dropping off stuff, there were cars driving by all the time and it really got to be a nuisance.

And frankly I think it hurt the people and their standing in a neighborhood with all of that traffic and of course everybody knew that they were having problems. So that is why the report was originally written and why I wanted to talk about it today is because of all the foreclosures going on in the market right now now let me ask you a question, you are saying that two years ago. If I were in a foreclosure my mail box would be chock-full of marketing products your telling me now that there is virtually none?

Well I think that part of its that back then there was financing available to be able to come in and refinance the people I certainly myself did dozens of loans at least to bail people out of bankruptcies and foreclosures and also people had equity back then, property values were continuing to go up I forget how many scams I pointed out here in the book, I think there are 18 or something in here, and most of them are essentially people attempting to get your house away from you, either refinance it, sell it for you, take a lease option, there are all kinds of different scams involved, but I think the reason we see so much less of it today is because there is so much less equity so there is not really, if you are upside down by $300,000 in your house.

I don’t care how good of a scammer you are, you are not going to make a lot of money off that. But there are a couple of scams going on right now that I want to talk about because they are a couple of things that happened just recently that harkened me back to when I first got started in real estate here in Arizona in the late 1980s. I was selling repos for Fannie Mae, Countrywide, and the Resolution Trust Corporation, which was in charge of selling off all of the real estate owned for the 1,800 or so Savings and Loans that failed in the late 1980’s early 1990s. There were so many scams going on then, I mean we had just tons of vacant houses we were selling, and one of the big scams that I thought was actually being perpetrated on a friend of mine the other day is a little something known as rent skimming.
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