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Michael: Welcome back to the Velocity of Money this is Michael J Barnes with Velocity Financial and today’s show is sponsored by Velocity Financial as well as the if you are in trouble and you think you want or need to do a loan modification, we work with a national network of attorneys that are here to help your situation. If a loan modification is right for you, you need to call a pro that’s us the phone number to call is 1-888- Mod-Info that is 1-888-Mod-Info and this show we are talking about short sales because a loan modification is not for everyone. A short sale is a great alternative to a loan modification the reality is if you can do a refinance that is more than likely the best case scenario, if you cant a loan modification is a great tool the reality the retainer for the law firm is less than a refinance but if those aren’t the options for you, you need to call Jeri and Kayln here and they are the short sale experts and Kalyn in the last segment we talked about where people should start the process and the reality of it is you are saying they should start now, right?

Kalyn; They should start it now we do not care at this point whether you have a foreclosure date already or if you do not or if you know you need more information about this you need to call us today. You can reach us at 480-363-6752 we are happy to come over and give you a free consultation, no obligation we will just sit down with you and review your full situation and we will be frank with you and we will be honest and we will help you make the right choice for your financial future. Relieving you of pain or debt or whatever you have going on we are the experts and we want you to call us.

Michael: Nobody wants to hear false truths or false promises it is so easy for people who right now are facing foreclosure for any number of reasons it is easy for them to bite onto anything that sounds like what they want to hear. The reality of it is they need to hear the truth as harsh as it is and you are going to tell them the truth and that is your job you are not going to tell them anything that they do not want to hear. Nobody wins in that case.

Kalyn: If we do not know that we can close it we will not even it take it we will be honest with you.

Michael: That is so important, again talking to, because every single day I do talk to people who call in from the show and we talk about this the reality of it is not going to do anybody any good if it doesn’t work out or we do not know if it is going to work out or we do not have a really good idea that it is going to work out on their behalf and in the case of a short sale as well as a loan modification this has to be a win-win. The homeowner that is in this situation they need out and a short sale may be the right option. The lender sure as heck does not want the house back even if they are required to take a loss it is a significantly better option for the lender then a foreclosure. Going back to a few minutes ago when you said you are making these calls to India and everything else I had the opportunity last week to teach a contract writing course at Paradise Valley College, Lynn Phelps the Phd there at Paradise Valley Community College allowed me to teach this finance class and there were several people who were getting their real estate license. Most of the people in the class were thinking that real estate was an 8-5 job.

Kalyn: laugh, No

Jeri: Not even close

Kalyn: I thought it was going to be glamorous, ha, ha. I love it I do love it but it is more of a life choice.

Jeri: It is a lifestyle I remember when Kalyn was first coming on my team and that is one of the things that is most important to me is that the agents on my team understand real estate is not a career as much as it is a life. It really is you work when other people don’t work and you work when they work.

Michael: that makes perfect sense and it is not the 9-5 job that it might have been in the middle of 2006 and maybe your job isn’t very fun in the beginning of September in the middle of the day on Sunday probably a little hot and sticky out there but now Kalyn you have been in real estate now for about 9 years.

Kalyn: That’s right.

Michael: You are the team leader for the Dream Vesting group and a certified negotiator is that correct.

Kalyn: yes

Michael: And you Jeri as well have been in real estate for 9 years.

Jeri: Yes, almost nine years. I am an associate broker so I am excited about that I took the class almost two years ago and finally decided to take the test and take the plunge.

Michael: Well good and that is a great accomplishment and you also have extensive experience in property management is that correct?

Jeri: Not property management, property sales management. I actually ran three different condo projects back in 2006 when it was fun to be a real estate agent. I helped actually with the acquisition of the properties, the development and then the sales and then ran the sales teams and I ran three real estate offices as well.

Michael: Very nice so the condo conversions are what you are talking about back in 2006 in the day right?

Jeri: Yes
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