What Old-Time Newspapers Can Teach You About Real Estate Marketing…

About 15 years ago I was introduced to a man by the name of Dan Kennedy, by a loan officer, turned info-marketer, Scott Tucker.

Turns out that Kennedy is the highest paid copywriter in the world, and has been for decades.

I immediately bought a ton of his material and spent endless hours absorbing his teachings – learning direct marketing, which I used to successfully grow my mortgage business.

Kennedy tells a story (he tells a lot of stories) about a small newspaper in a mid-west town that has a circulation greater than the population of the town.

How is that possible?  It’s simple, the town-folk who moved away have the paper mailed to them every single day.

Why?  Because every article in the paper is about someone or something that is going on in that town.  It’s not reprints from the Associated Press, it’s stories about their friends and families and neighbors.

Every day the editors make a very clear, conscious effort to make sure they mention as many people as they possibly can – and the events and the happenings in the town and what’s going on in people’s lives.

They tell stories about the small businesses and the restaurants and the community organizations, and they interview these people and put their faces in the paper and make them front and center – and people buy the paper because that is what they want to see.

This is what all small town, local newspapers used to be about – the people in the community – their births, deaths, sports teams, organizations and events…  The things that people care about.

The owner of that mid-west newspaper was quoted as saying he’d print the phone book if he thought it could get him more readers.

He understands the one, most import concept in marketing.  People love to see their name in print –  They love to see pictures of friends and family highlighted in a newspaper.  (Think Facebook!)

But we have a problem in our country – the local newspaper is dying.  Circulation is declining rapidly AND the content is becoming the same re-hashed, syndicated garbage you can get anywhere on the web.

The same stuff that is printed in hundreds of other newspapers across the country.  The same boring stuff – having nothing to do with the local community – AND from a marketing stand-point, it is content pointed at the wrong market!

Does any of this sound familiar?  Does this sound like most real estate agents’ marketing.  Buying canned content about generic real estate stuff.  Content aimed at other real estate agents, and of no interest to their neighbors.

Are you putting the equivalent of Associated Press articles on your site and wondering why no one in your community is interested?

I know what you’re saying, ‘I’ve tried online marketing and it didn’t work!’

I wonder why?  Who sold you the garbage you put online?  Do they know your community?  Do they know your customers?  Do they know YOU?

Or did they just give you the same crap they sold to hundreds of other agents, claiming it was new, fresh content that would somehow ‘force’ prospects to come running!

You were lied to!  But that’s OK, you didn’t know any better —  Until now!

Just ask yourself, if you were looking for information about real estate in your local area, what would you Google?  FOMC meeting?  7 Tips To Winterize?  How To Show A Home?

NO!  Of course not, but the ‘syndicated’ content you bought from the last salesperson who showed up for your weekly office meeting was that same useless junk.

It’s time to stop buying overpriced, ineffective content and Start Creating It Yourself!

That’s what this site is about – quickly creating top-quality, unique content that is community-based AND WILL BE LOVED by your readers.

Because isn’t that what you want?  To be like the old-time, mid-west newspaper writing about the people and places and events in your community, rather than some mashed up garbage about nothing of interest to the people you call ‘friend’?

So if you’re willing to give online marketing another try – to do it right this time, AND if you’re looking for an alternative to cold calling and door knocking, you’ve come to the right place.

It may not be pretty sometimes – I intend to pull no punches!  But if you’re interested in learning how to attract your Ideal Customer, then stick with me.

It may take some work and some time, but when that phone rings and the prospect on the end of the line says ‘I’ve been reading your stuff for months and I really like what you’re doing for (…fill in the name of your community here…)’ then you know you’ve arrived.

You’ll be helping the people of your community – your friends and neighbors – And here’s the Secret, extra BONUS! – Google loves this stuff!!!

But more on that in future articles…

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to enter them below.

Riley\’s Tip Of The Day

The best way to attract a high-quality, Ideal Customer to your real estate business is thru community-based content marketing. BUT you have to do it right. Take your cue from Old-Time Newspapers and write about the people, places and events in your community.

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