Do you have a Real Estate Marketing Fan Page.  If so, you need to read the article by Social Media Examiner titled, 5 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Page. Here are some of the highlights:   #1: Featured Photos Any photos that you post to your Fan Page will show at the top of your [...]

If you relied solely on Google Places to promote your Real Estate Company on the internet, then you might have been in for a shock last week when Google did what Google does best, it shut down scores of online businesses – no warning, no explanations – just gone. Search Engine Land has a great [...]

On the Official YouTube Blog they are running a series of articles based on The YouTube Creator Playbook.  This week they are starting off at the beginning, with the first 15 seconds. Just like people decide to read your content based on the headline, they decide whether to watch your video based on the first [...] eMarketingVids has put out a pretty good video breaking down how Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm determines whose Facebook posts will show up in your News Feed.  Why is this important for Real Estate Marketers?  Its simple.  If your Post does not show up in your Fans News Feed, they will never click on the link [...]

In our microwave everything, ‘I want it now’ culture, how do you get people to stop and spend 5 minutes reading your blog or watching your video.  In her recent series of articles, Amy Porterfield starts her series by explaining how to build rapport.  Here are her 6 simple steps. Tip 1:  Treat each new [...]

What type of Blogger should you be for Real Estate Marketing.  In a recent blog post, Lynn Terry reviewed the book ‘The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing’.  In it the Author contends that there are three different kinds of Bloggers, each with their unique perspective.  Which of these three is best suited for Real Estate: [...]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is as importand in Real Estate Marketing as it is in any other field of internet marketing.  Search Engine Land put together this very simple video to give an overview of what SEO really is. Don’t know SEO? Know someone who needs a short, easy to understand overview of search engine [...] Join Real Estate Marketing This Week as we discuss the world of Real Estate and Mortgage Marketing. We shot this video of our Radio Show as an example of how you can use one piece of content in many different ways. If You Don’t See The Video, Click Here => Real Estate Marketing Video [...]

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