Lawyers May Be Coming After Your Real Estate Marketing Blog


OK, this is getting a lot crazier than I thought. As pointed out by, now their is legal action taking place regarding Comment Spam. The crazy part is that the threatened legal action is coming from the Spammers!

The article sites two instances where the blog that was spammed is now being threatened with legal action forcing them to remove the links from their blog that the spammers paid to have put their in the first place! What?

The example in the article is about a large insurance company which had been paying people to go to blogs with comment sections that allowed ‘do follow’ links. Here they would place a comment with a link back to the insurance company.

With Google’s Penguin update, this insurance company has been penalized by Google due to all of these spam links pointing back to their site. So they must have all of these links removed in order to get back in good graces with Google.

How do you get the links removed? You sue the blog owner, of course, and threaten them with legal action if they don’t take down the ‘illegal’ link.

Word to the wise: When building your Real Estate Marketing Blog, skip the comments all together and let Facebook handle it for you. That’s why with my blog network at, I’ve removed commenting from the system all together.

Better Safe Than Sued!


Original Post:  July 10, 2012

You set up your real estate marketing blog and think how nice it would be to let your readers comment on your stories.  Well the problem with that is there is an entire industry designed around finding unsuspecting bloggers and filling their sites full of comment spam, with links back to unsavory sites for products and services we won’t discuss here!

Slapped By Google For Comment Spam!

SEO for Real Estate MarketingThe boys over at the SEO braintrust have now discovered that Google may actually be penalizing blogs that have been hit by these spambots.  If you leave your real estate marketing blog open to comments, especially with ‘do follow’ links within those comments, you may end up getting the Google Slap and possibly be deindexed.  Read More Here.

The solution that I teach and that all of the SEO gurus use is to enable FaceBook commenting on your real estate marketing blog.  That way all of the comments are from real people who have profiles on FaceBook and are associated with a name and profile image.  This not only virtually eliminates comment spam, it also keeps people from anonymously ‘flaming’ your site.

Riley\’s Tip Of The Day

Now the Lawyers are coming for your Real Estate Marketing Blog. Its bad enough that the spammers have been attacking your blog’s comments for all of these years, but now the spammer’s lawyers are coming after you.

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