Link Building for Your Real Estate Marketing Blog

In Part 1 of this series we discussed how using Duplicate Content or ‘Spun’ content can kill your Real Estate Marketing Blog with Google.  Today we will continue talking about other not-so-good practices.

Link Building for Real Estate Marketing

For years the buzz in internet marketing has been to get as many links as possible pointing back to your site.  This truly is the reason behind spinning articles and putting them out to article marketing sites, as well as other link building schemes such as link-wheels, blog networks and buying links from link networks.

Why did so many internet marketers rely on these sometimes black-hat methods?  Well its simple, Google rewarded it.

The original Page Rank algorithm which brought Google to prominence was based on the number of links pointing to any given web page.  They relied on this as a major determining factor for many years, while adding many factors to sort and sift their results.  Then in 2009 came Google’s Caffeine update which enabled them to index the web at a much greater speed, thus bringing in more web pages to serve up in their search results.

What they found was that most of the sites were pure garbage.  Spam blogs filled full of duplicate content.  Link farms and link wheels designed to do only one thing, raise the page rank of a given website just by pointing thousands of Keyword Rich, Anchor Text Links at it.

The problem was these sites were not bringing any added value to Google’s search results.  So in 2011 Google introduced their Panda update which very heavily penalized artificial linking schemes and de-indexed many of the sites involved in these schemes.  What does that mean?  It means that these sites will no longer show in Google’s search results.  They were Slapped!

When interviewed by Eric Enge of, this is what Matt Cutts had to say about solely focusing your internet marketing efforts on link building, “… people get focused on the wrong things. It leads them to think about links as the end goal. It’s important to think about producing something excellent first. If you have an outstanding product, world class content, or something else that sets you apart, then you can step back and start thinking about how to promote it.”

So don’t focus on the link, focus on creating great content that your Ideal Customer will be attracted to.  That will bring plenty of links and make your real estate marketing blog a huge success.

Riley\’s Tip Of The Day

Getting your Real Estate Marketing Blog ranked by Google should never involve potentially dangerous practices like link-wheels or spam blog networks.

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