Real Estate Blog Marketing – What’s Your Niche?

In Parts 1 and 2 of this series we looked at some dangerous practices for your Real Estate Marketing Blog.  Now we will move forward and discuss techniques that are much more effective.  We will continue examining the interview with Matt Cutts on

Niche Marketing for Real Estate

In any real estate market, there are many sub-markets or niches that comprise the market as a whole.  The key is to pick out one or two of those niche markets and work on creating a base first in those sub-markets before moving on to conquer more niches and eventually the local real estate market as a whole.

Here is what Matt had to say regarding niche marketing, “If it is already a crowded space with entrenched players, consider focusing on a niche area initially, instead of going head to head with the existing leaders of the space. This is probably what you would have done if there were no search engines, and it’s often still the best approach. Find something that the entrenched players do not do well, and focus on that. Establish a reputation in that niche, become a leader in it, and then expand from there.”

To do this think in terms of Long-Tail Keywords.  Instead of just focusing on ‘Real Estate’, focus on ‘Phoenix, Arizona Real Estate’ or ‘Scottsdale Arizona Horse Properties’ or ‘Estrella Ranch Horse Properties’.  By narrowing your focus you are targeting your Ideal Customer by mirroring exactly what it is they are searching for.

If you just focus on single or short-tail keywords like ‘Real Estate’ you will be competing with sites like, and  There is no way you have enough time or money to go head to head with these industry giants.  In comparison you are a small fish in a small pond.

Take advantage of that.  Speak directly to your local market and your local community.  Chances are you are selling real estate to someone who lives in your area or is looking to move to or invest in your market.  You only need a well placed, small net to catch them.

When someone types anything into a search engine, they are looking for a result, not just any result, they are looking for an answer to a question; a solution to their problem.  The more closely your solution fits their problem the more likely that consumer is to engage in your content and eventually buy from you.

To finalize this point, Matt added, “that is a part of what our algorithm does: work to find quality diverse results that help solve problems for users.”  Use that to your advantage and serve up the solution that your Ideal Customer is searching for.

Riley\’s Tip Of The Day

Your Real Estate Marketing Blog should be driven by 3 ideals – quality content, in a specific niche, targeted at your Ideal Customer.

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