What Is The Reputation of Your Real Estate Marketing Blog?

To wrap the first 4 parts of this series on why Google may not be showing your Real Estate Marketing Blog, I’d like to tie a bow around the 3 main points we have already discussed: Duplicate Content, Link Building, and Niche Marketing and how they relate to the Reputation of your real estate marketing blog.  To do this we will once again go back to the stonetemple.com article featuring Matt Cutts.

The Reputation of Your Real Estate Marketing Blog

When creating your Real Estate Blog you have to ask what type of reputation you want to have in your marketplace and your community.  Remember, these are your friends, neighbors and clients who are reading your blog.  Your readers are the people you are attempting to attract to your real estate business.

Regarding using duplicate content, we’ve already discussed how Google’s Panda update has significantly slapped this type of blogging, but how does it affect your reputation and people’s perception of you?  Do they only see you as someone who can steal other peoples content?  Is that how you want to be seen?

You need to bring Value to people to get them to Know, Like and Trust You.  You will be rewarded with loyal, happy customers if you do.  Google will reward you as well with high rankings for your keywords.  As Matt Cutts says, “As with all the other things we have discussed today, what is the value add”  If you add value to someone’s life, they will reward you.  If you add value to the web, Google will reward you.

Link building through spam networks is the same type of junk as duplicate content.  It is an attempt to game the system by putting more garbage on the web with links pointing back to your site.  This does not build your reputation.  Putting up spam sites only diminishes who you are by showing people you will take short cuts to get to your goals.

More from Matt, “By doing things that help build your own reputation, you are focusing on the right types of activity. Those are the signals we want to find and value the most anyway. Just promoting your site on a spammy blog network that no one would ever choose to visit is not a good strategy.”

Taking your entire market and breaking it down into niches and then targeting those niches adds very valuable content to the web, but most importantly it serves your community and your clients.  A blog post on ‘the horse trails thru the Estrella Mountains’ may be exactly the type of article that will attract that horse enthusiast to your real estate business.

By speaking to your customer’s needs and answering their questions you grow in the eyes of your community, clients and neighbors.  This is Matt’s take on the subject, “Find a way to differentiate and stand out, so that people want to try your product or service and see what they think. When they try it, give them something outstanding and earn yourself a customer.

In competitive markets there has always been a need to figure out how to differentiate yourself, and nothing has changed today. Think about how you can create compelling content or a compelling experience for users.”  Think outside the box. Think about what your Ideal Customer is really hungry for.  What will compel them to pick up the phone and call you?  What content will make you an expert, and boost your reputation in your niche?

So if you find that you’re creating content that is not attracting customers to your real estate business, first look at what you might be doing that Google doesn’t like.  If you’re good there, then you may want to look at your content.  Is it what your Ideal Customer is truly craving?

Riley\’s Tip Of The Day

The Reputation of your Real Estate Marketing Blog is not only a reflection of You in the eyes of your Customers, its also a huge factor for Google.

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