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The first 15 seconds of your Real Estate Marketing Video

On the Official YouTube Blog they are running a series of articles based on The YouTube Creator Playbook.  This week they are starting off at the beginning, with the first 15 seconds.

Just like people decide to read your content based on the headline, they decide whether to watch your video based on the first 15 seconds (and the Title of the Video, of course).

Make compelling content first…

  • Start off with something that will immediately grab attention, whether it’s what you say or a stunning visual
  • Make it clear what your video is about early on, so viewers aren’t confused about what they’re watching
  • Tease the rest of the video so the audience is intrigued to see where you take them.

…share your channel branding later.

  • A flashy intro may look cool, but it’s not the star of the video – let them see you, or your great content, first
  • Make your branding compelling by making it entertaining or unique to each video

The general concept of capturing the audience’s attention upfront applies to all types of content in different ways. Find what’s right for your channel.

So first off, lose the fancy graphics and your company logo.  Put your gorgeous face on the screen and let the viewer know exactly what they will be getting if they stick around.  Smile, be personable and be excited about the information you are about to share, and above all be the professional that we know that you are.


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