Your Real Estate Marketing Blog Can Be Penalized For Comment Spam

You set up your real estate marketing blog and think how nice it would be to let your readers comment on your stories.  Well the problem with that is there is an entire industry designed around finding unsuspecting bloggers and filling their sites full of comment spam, with links back to unsavory sites for products and services we won’t discuss here!

Slapped By Google For Comment Spam!

The boys over at the SEO braintrust have now discovered that Google may actually be penalizing blogs that have been hit by these spambots.  If you leave your real estate marketing blog open to comments, especially with ‘do follow’ links within those comments, you may end up getting the Google Slap and possibly be deindexed.  Read More Here.

The solution that I teach and that all of the SEO gurus use is to enable FaceBook commenting on your real estate marketing blog.  That way all of the comments are from real people who have profiles on FaceBook and are associated with a name and profile image.  This not only virtually eliminates comment spam, it also keeps people from anonymously ‘flaming’ your site.

Riley\’s Tip Of The Day

Did you know that your Real Estate Marketing blog can be slapped by Google for having too many spam comments – Here’s how to stop the comment spammers.

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